Re: MDT Reefers was Who had R40-23 and R40-25 reefer clones

Brian Carlson

Richard Hendrickson shared this kitbash with me back in August. He reply (pieced together) is below. Also Don't forget Mike Brock said SC&F was going to do 3 MDT resin reefers after this Harriman car which is almost complete from what was mentioned in the Cocoa Beach reports. Mike are these MDT resin cars still coming?

Richard wrote"The main problem in using IM's R-40-23 model to represent an MDT
9000 series cars is that the ends are wrong. Other minor details need
modification as well, but it's a relatively easy kitbash, leaving the
factory lettering on the sides intact. The MDT cars had 3/4 improved Dreadnaught ends, not the 3/3 ends on the model (which are, of course, correct for the PFE R-40-23s). I got a pair of replacement ends by cutting them off an old Athearn reefer roof and carving and filing off the ladders, grabs, and other molded-on junk.
Turned out to be a lot easier than it looked, as was taking the ends off
the Intermountain car

Brian carlson

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