Re: F&C Pennsy GR gon sits too low? Or couplers?

Michael Watnoski

Hi Dean,

I have TKM #4 if you need it. Would you like it as a HTML or
PDF file?


Dean Payne wrote:

The Keystone Modeller site had some problems, IIRC, and now only
issues #7 and above are online, so I cannot reference TKM #4. Too
bad, we lost a lot of online info about PRR gons, of which there
were quite a few! I understand, however, that putting those back
will take a lot of work.
Dean Payne

--- In STMFC@..., Brian Carlson <prrk41361@y...> wrote:
Dean, you may want to Check the PRRTHS TKM #4, 11-03 where Elden
Gatwood covered modeling these cars in resin, while I couldn't
really tell if he shimed his cars (At least one was the Sunshine
model though) you make be able to with your car in hand.

Brian J carlson

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