Re: Archiving images (was Selling prints by mail)

Don Strack <donstrack@...>

The best archival method is to print it out on paper. With that in mind, I
have started to print my digital stuff to paper using high quality
semi-gloss paper, on an HP 8450 inkjet printer. I use HP inks and HP papers
because of a recent article comparing the archival qualities of both items.
For black & white, I use HP's newest #100 cartridge, which is gray tones,
without any dyes. I keep the prints in archival page protectors, among my
regular photographic prints.

I keep digital images on a hard drive to be able to zoom in and see the
detail. It's amazing what you can see on a zoomed image that you cannot see
on a paper print, even with a loupe. You can also tweak the contrast and
brightness to see stuff in the shadows.

But for overall viewing, try printing them out. I also back up to CD-R and
DVD-R, along with having 2 external drives that mirror certain folders.
Having lost both an internal hard drive and an external hard drive, both
within a one month period, I'm a bit gun-shy as to the longevity of hard

Don Strack

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