Re: Buffalo Creek Boxcars

Brian Carlson

Tim, you are absolutely correct. I may have a source for some Buffalo creek waybills, so I may be able to check. However as Ed pointed out these Buffalo Creek cars surely got around. On may have even gone over Sherman Hill.

They is still one existing example in Hamburg NY, can't recall if it is a PS-1 or AAR car though.

Brian Carlson

Tim O'Connor <timboconnor@...> wrote:

Brian, you cannot infer a car's point of origin from its current location.
The car could have been loaded in Minneapolis (another huge milling city)
and sent to San Diego. I have seen photos of many eastern box cars at the
grain port in Duluth/Superior. As Tim Gilbert has pointed out many times,
cars in the 1950's were routinely loaded and sent to destinations in total
disregard of the "rules". For all we know, the "RETURN TO" stencil may
just have been intended as advertising and nothing more. Until someone
comes up with an actual waybill for a carload of wheat flour shipped
3,000 miles I will remain highly skeptical of that distance. I accept it
could happen, but I just am not convinced it happened.

Tim, actually I have a Bob's photo of DL&W 55203, built 3-57 Magor CC, in San Diego at a bakery in April 1957 one month after building. The car is stenciled "RETURN TO BUFFALO FOR FLOUR LOADING." apparently the Buffalo flour cars did get around. Buffalo was the grain milling capital of the world. I admit I don't understand the economics of shipping wheat east by boat the flour west, but it did happen.

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