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Not all wheat is the same thing, nor is flour just flour. Different grains and flours have specific qualities which makes them useful for certain products, and worthless for others. Seminola wheat, for example, makes the best pasta, but doesn't make very good bread (IIRC, it doesn't rise well). Special types wheat might be milled only in a few locations due to the need for special equipment (for example, some berries are much harder than others, or too much oil in the germ could clog regular milling machinery). Thus it is quite possible that some mills in Buffalo had a near-monopoly on milling and distributing certain flours that would be needed nationwide. Now California does (or did) raise and mill quite a bit of wheat, but it might not be suitable for the products made by that San Diego bakery.

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Brian Carlson wrote:

Tim, actually I have a Bob's photo of DL&W 55203, built 3-57 Magor CC, in San Diego at a bakery in April 1957 one month after building. The car is stenciled "RETURN TO BUFFALO FOR FLOUR LOADING." apparently the Buffalo flour cars did get around. Buffalo was the grain milling capital of the world. I admit I don't understand the economics of shipping wheat east by boat the flour west, but it did happen.
The photo is also interesting in that it is the only time I have seen ditto marks used for stenciling.

Brian J carlson

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