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The information on our "dealers with out of stock cars list" is up dated
only when the dealers themselves give us new information. There are a number
of dealers that send us "updates" quite often but there are others that do

Sam Clarke
Kadee Quality Products

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If you go to the Kadee web site, they have a section called "Dealers
With Out-Of-Stock Cars". Type in the item number of the car you're looking
for, and it will bring up the dealers that (supposedly) have them.
Kadee doesn't update the list in a timely manner, and you'll find several
stores listed that don't actually have the car.

Further Warning: Don't call The Amherst Depot in Florida. I've discovered
that when the owner finds out that any Kadee car is out of stock at Kadee,
she automatically ups the sticker price by 20%.

$36 and change for a plastic 40' boxcar - Aieeeee.....!

Shawn Beckert

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Hi Everyone,

I just wanted to say thank you to all that helped me with my question.
Reading all the messages about the different parts of the country the cars
made it to has been very interesting.

Does anyone on the list know where I could find the Buffalo Creek cars
by Kadee? The place I usually order from does not have them in stock.

Thanks for your help.


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