Westerfield cattle car update


In assembling my Pacific Electric cattle car kit by Westerfield I
thought I might update the list of progress.

After 3 hours of cleaning I finally managed to get the flash out between all
the side boards. I first sanded each side to where the flash was almost
transparent. Work with a new #11 exacto blade took care of what was left. The
side and end doors were done the same way.

I still plan to add a .020 x .020 strip of styrene in each corner for
strength. I should not show much when the car is painted.
Instructions on mounting the floor are a bit obscure. the instruction
sheet calls for a 2 x 8 strip to be glued along each side bottom to hold the
floor. I assume they mean along the bottom edge of the car floor which shows
thru the side boards. I plan to add another bigger piece on each end inside
for a better mount.

The warp in the floor went away after placing the floor on a flat piece for
several days. No need to microwave. I then glued the center beam in place
and now the floor is quite stiff.


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