Re: Anomalies ?


--- In STMFC@..., larry kline <lndkline@v...> wrote:
Here are the counts by RR for the number of hoppers photographed at
the PRR Harrisburg Yards and the Reading Rutherford Yard.

PRR 35

Were 35 cars individually photographed or are there 35 PRR cars in
one or a series of photos?

I'm anxiously waiting for your new book of photos from this

I don't know about anyone else but I like a variety of hoppers.
Nothing looks more phoney to me than a string of identical hoppers
except maybe a string of identical hoppers with different road names.
(A string of billboard reefers behind an F unit ties).

But if you look in the book Stauffer book "Erie Power" there a a
couple of photos of trains of solid 2 bay Erie hoppers on their way
to the coal dumpers in New York Harbor. 90-95% of them ARA alternate
design. The remaining few others are horizontal rib hopper made
famous by the Ambroid kit and Chuck Yungkuth's article in RMC.



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