Re: The right prototype car for NYC red and gray pacemaker cars.

Brian Carlson

Sunshine 32.6 and 32.7 are not listed in the winter 2004-2005 list
Brian Carlson

benjaminfrank_hom <b.hom@...> wrote:

Ed Hawkins, responding to Bill McCoy's question on NYC Pacemaker
Service cars, wrote:
"Martin Lofton also offers some postwar 10' IH box cars that might
be able to be used for the NYC Pacemaker cars."

Sunshine 32.6 and 32.7 models the NYC Pacemaker service cars. I'm
not sure of their status regarding availability.

Bill McCoy asked:
"Any suggestions for the "Pacemaker Freight Service" logo? It looks
like the other white lettering and black backed herald can be gotten
from Microscale."

You're not looking hard enough. Champ HB-24, which does the postwar
10' IH Pacemaker cars, has been available for years, and is still in

Ben Hom

Ben Hom

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