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Denny Anspach <danspach@...>

Another wonderful meeting with a bunch of pretty
fine and generous people- in my mind an
extraordinary aggregation of some of most refined
and knowledgeable modelers in the field.

I even got my good and loyal wife to attend one
clinic (Jim Singer's great collection on the
"Oddities and the Unexpected"), and her
interested response was "I NEVER knew that!".

Mike Brock gives a great deal of himself to this
program, and how he does it all is beyond me. My
good neighbor, and Clinic Major Domo, Jeff Aley
was always "just around the corner" with a good
handle on the needs of the clinics (i.e.
unexpected digital projector failure, or an
instant scheduling of a repeat performance for an
oversubscribed clinic). I often wonder how many
of the clinics HE actually gets to see and listen

The great plus that this meeting has is that it
seems to attract only immensely friendly and
serious modelers who are willing to "leave their
egos at the door" (Mike's good phrase), and
critically think about our hobby. That the meet attracts repeat personal attendance by some of
our very best suppliers speaks volumes. I observe
them they carefully listening to the comments of
some of the most critical modelers that I know.

Debauchery was not up to standard.

A leisurely Sunday morning couples breakfast with
the Mont Switzers, the Chet Frenchs, and the John
Greenes was a personal highlight. This was
despite the ribald catcalls of a group from this
list at the next table, who because the requisite
number of them refused to don dresses or be in
drag, were denied joining our company.

A suggestion that I have made to Mike for the
future is that the model table displays be
somehow elevated to a higher elevation so that
the large number of us present (of a certain age)
can more easily and effectively inspect the large
number of incredible models on display at
something approaching eye level. Not easy. If
others have ideas how this can simply and
inexpensively be done with standard tables, I am
sure Mike would like to hear from you.

In return for my good wife tolerating letting me
go whole hog for two days dawn to midnite (while
she relaxed with a book poolside in the 80ยบ
sun), I gave her my undivided attention in New
Orleans the following week, during which time not
a word was uttered about railroads or modeling
(except for the necessary conversations leading
up to multiple streetcar rides!).

Anyway, wonderful meeting. Fine company. Learned a lot.


The Clinics were almost all excellent.

Denny S. Anspach, MD
Sacramento, California

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