Re: helium cars (again)


Jeff Lodge writes:
Based on who has the photos of these cars, would I be correct to assume
these cars were used to support Goodyear's blimp operations out of
Northeastern Ohio?

Well, it is not clear, but not likely that these cars were in specific
Goodyear service. The 3-tank He cars appear to be relatively early
versions. The helium tank cars were used prior to WWII to support the
U.S. Navy's rigid lighter than air carft (dirigibles) and during WWII to
support the extensive fleet of navy non-rigid lighter than air craft
(blimps) used in costal waters for ASW work. While the dirigible program
was still running, these cars certainly might have called upon Goodyear to
help inflate a dirigible, however they would also have gone to the right
and left coasts to the dirigible bases. After the progrma shifted to
blimps, some cars may have called upon the Goodyear plant from time to
time to provide helium, although it is likely that many of the blimps were
delivered deflated in boxcars or crates on flates.


Bruce Smith
Auburn, AL

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