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Richard and friends,

Thanks for the clarification. As for the WP, the first delivered cars with silver/aluminum lettering were series 6601-6800 Greenville mill gondolas which began arriving in May 1949 (as offered by Proto 2000). There might have been a few repainted cars done with silver/aluminum lettering before this, possibly as a test, but they have escaped notice.

The WP's silver/aluminum lettering era lasted from May 1949 to September 1955, when 50' PS-1s arrived with the all-yellow "Feather River Route" scheme. However, the WP was extremely parsimonious about repainting cars, and a few with silver/aluminum lettering were still around long enough to be scrapped by the UP after the merger.

Since the 20551-20800 boxcars Richard mentions were delivered in 1947, it is doubtful if many were relettered with silver/aluminum paint, unless rebuilt from wreck damage. Their original paint would have been just eight years old at the end of the silver/aluminum paint era.

Kind regards,

Garth G. Groff

Richard Hendrickson wrote:

Gart Groff wrote:

Interestingly, Richard Hendrickson found some evidence that the WP's
1947 AAR boxcars (series 20551-20800) wore aluminum lettering. Richard's
research led to Branchline producing a special run of these cars in
silver lettering. Branchline's production models of these cars have
white lettering, which is how they appear in photos (though very
grimey). Perhaps Richard would care to comment on this point.
No, Garth, you've got it backwards. The 1947 cars were delivered with
white lettering but got aluminum lettering (as did other WP freight cars)
when repainted after ca. 1948. Branchline's original production version of
these cars had aluminum lettering, but I arranged with them to do a special
production run with the as-delivered white lettering as a convention car
for the Pacific Coast Region NMRA. I still have a very small number of
those kits, if there's anyone out there who wants one and didn't get one
from the PCR.

Richard H. Hendrickson
Ashland, Oregon 97520

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