Re: WP 50' SS Automobile car modelling questions

Rob Adams

Microscale set MC-4266 was done for the WP 50' single sheathed Auto boxes, and has the white lettering, herald, etc. for an as-built car. I have a couple of these, and the set looks pretty good. Some of the stenciling would need to be omitted for later time periods, but I think a guy could make use of this set, especially for a car that will receive some weathering. You'll definitely want to consult a source of photos, like the March, 1995 Mainline Modeler article.

Kind regards, Rob Adams

Richard Hendrickson wrote:

Given that I have only undec. cars which paint and decals would you
recommend for the WP scheme in early 1950s?
Anybody's mineral red/box car red will do; WP wasn't fussy about paint colors.

I'm not aware that anyone offers WP lettering in aluminum, which the WP
began using in 1949. But you can letter the car in white if you model a
somewhat weathered pre-1949 repaint, and in that case Champ's HN 31 set
covers reporting marks and numbers. For WP's sans-serif data lettering,
I'd use a Microscale data set or Walthers XD-637.

Richard H. Hendrickson
Ashland, Oregon 97520

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