Re: Single-Compartment GATC Airslide Hopper Kits

Doug Brown <brown194@...>

I have an old Con-Cor kit with mostly wood components. It does have
preprinted sheet plastic sides. I think the address was in Chicago

Doug Brown

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Shawn, a long time ago I took a good look at the kits from
Concor, ECW, and Walthers, as well as Overland brass models.
I posted the results somewhere or other on the FCL or STMFC,
I forget where... I do recall I concluded that (1) all of
the models are flawed and (2) the Concor model was the best
one to use, given the various tradeoffs. Avoid the Walthers
model, it is the worst of the bunch.

Tim O.

Who besides Eastern Car Works made the single-compartment
Airslide covered hopper in H.O.? Walthers, or someone else?
And if it *was* Walthers, can I assume that the Eastern Car
Works version was probably the better kit?


Shawn Beckert

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