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Hello Shawn Becket,

Bobs' Photo has a photo of NAHX #31060 with the large Boraxo paint
scheme. S-Helper did this car in "S" scale but unfortunately used the wrong
body style. The car has the 1954-56 channel end ribs and the early less
common narrow hatch spacing with the notched hatch straps. Because of the
narrow hatch spacing we will not be doing this car in the near future, or
maybe even the distance future.

Sam Clarke
Kadee Quality Products

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Brian Carlson wrote:

Atlas did a PS-2 in this version and I think a photo
of one appeared in a PS-2 article in RMJ back when
the Atlas and/or KAdee cars came out.
IIRC Atlas did do this paint and lettering scheme, but
I'd much prefer having it on a Kadee PS-2 rather than
the Atlas car. Fortunately Champion makes decals for this
car; the problem is *which* Kadee car to use. There are
different versions, with the ribs and roof hatches being
different on each one. This is why I'd like to have a good
photo - not that I'd ever find one showing roof details...

Shawn Beckert

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