Re: CP minibox kitbash

Benjamin Hom <b.hom@...>

Phil Buchwald wrote:
"Here's the part that ties this into the MDC 50ft car string:
I've got three of these cars, one of them is to try to cobble up a
CP "minibox", using the roof from the MDC car. I'd like to use the
ends from a Red Caboose X29, if they are compatible. Same number of
corrugations.... (I don't like the quality of the F&C minibox end

The Red Caboose X29 ends will work - they match up well with the MDC radial
roof. You'll have to file down the top rib to match the CP end and possibly
have to add styrene to the top of the roof to match the curve of the MDC

Walt Lankenau wrote:
"I had once started to kitbash a batch of CP miniboxes using the Santa
Fe steel reefer by C&BT Shops as a starting point. The Intermountain
Santa Fe reefer shell might be an even better starting point, also
having the reverse Dreadnaught end. Overall, the Santa Fe reefer body
is quite close to the CP box dimensionally, and the door is even the
right size (therefore, so are the body panels). I don't remember
which roof I intended to use; maybe the Central Valley NP stock car

Sounds like a good use for the old C&BT kits, which have been largely
superceded by the Intermountain cars. (The detail sprues were crap anyway,
so they're no real loss.) The CV NP stockcar roof doesn't match the
prototype Hutchins radial roof; again, you can harvest one from the MDC 50
ft SS automobile boxcar.

Ben Hom

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