Re: Wabash to the B&O at Decatur

Michael Aufderheide


Another example of this is eastbound traffic coming
north from Indianapolis and Louisville on the Monon.
Rather than send these cars up the mainline to South
Hammond and the connection with the Erie there, the
Monon sent them up the Michigan City branch to Wilders
IN: basically cornfields and interchange tracks. A
similar occurance happened at Linden IN with the NKP.
The Monon through freights were timed to make drops at
Linden to connect with NKP trains. On some
timetables, the north and south bound trains met at
Linden to connect with the same NKP trains.

Mike Aufderheide

--- Tim O'Connor <timboconnor@...> wrote:

Chet French wrote

The Wabash forwarded a large number of perishable
to the ERIE at Huntington, IN, for movement east.
This raises an interesting issue - Since Chicago was
for lengthy delays (2-3 days to get through the
interchanges) was
it a common practice among the eastern and
midwestern carriers to
exchange perishables at other locations where
connections got the
cars moving east sooner, rather than later?

For example, Huntington is shown 24 miles southwest
of Fort Wayne.
On that same line in Indiana, the Wabash crossed the
Monon, NYC,
NKP, PRR, ERIE, and B&O. I never thought about it
before, but would
Wabash have made most perishable connections via
these lesser
interchanges rather than via the big "gateway"

Tim O.

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