Re: Wabash to the B&O at Decatur

Michael Aufderheide

I've really got to go there. I work about 4 blocks

--- Tim Gilbert <tgilbert@...> wrote:

The Copeland Interchange Reports at Northwestern
University in Evanston
have numerous ones for both the Wabash & Erie
including the years
1954-1956. The Reports for the B&O, NKP and MONON
are less frequent. For
the Copeland list at Northwestern, go to the STMFC's
files and open up
the Copeland entry which was contributed by Earl
Tuson on 2/22/04.

While these Reports have only total loaded cars
received or delivered,
the volume of loaded cars may provide some idea of
the traffic flows.
The information is available if one goes looking for

Tim Gilbert

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