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Shawn Beckert

Boy do I wish I could find this kind of day-to-day information
on the Cotton Belt, or even the SP-TNO. You must have done some
serious dumpster diving back in those days, Chet!

Shawn Beckert, very envious...

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Thanks for posting this. Very interesting. Any idea
how these were routed. UP to Council Bluffs? Were
these cars part of block dropped at Decatur from a
train going through to the east?

The larger amount of perishable traffic was received by the Wabash
Kansas City from the SP/CRIP and UP. Some cars were received at
Council Bluffs from the UP. All the cars arrived at Decatur on
trains 82, 90, and 98 from Kansas City. Cars received at Council
Bluffs would have been added to these trains at Moberly, Mo. There
was one exception, PFE 61266, Spuds, arrived at Decatur on train
from Chicago. The Wabash forwarded a large number of perishable
to the ERIE at Huntington, IN, for movement east.

In looking at a few morning reports, it appears that train 1-90 was
the main perishable handling train out of Kansas City on the Wabash.
This train almost always handled loads only; livestock, perishable,
and Red Ball loads, (Wabash's term for priority or hot loading other
than perishable). The following shows this train for 10 days in
1950. Note that on the 16th and 20th, the train handles one car of
livestock. Power on the trains was F7 A-B-A sets numbered in the
1100 series, and FA-1 A-B-A sets numbered in the 1200's. Totals
included the perishable followed by the Red Ball loads.

11/11/50 1105 68-9
11/12/50 1202 66-12-1 (one mty?)
11/13/50 1101 74-4
11/14/50 1203 72-5
11/15/50 1202 81-0
11/16/50 1100 1-74-4
11/17/50 1103 62-18
11/18/50 1100 76-4
11/19/50 1102 1-71-4

During these same 10 days, the main perishable handling train out of
St Louis for points north and east was No. 98. The train handled
between 15 and 20 perishable each day with the exception of one day
when there were 27 cars. This train was still getting 2900 series 4-

The subject of the file with the list of 33 cars was in regard to the
Wabash delivering the cars to the B&O in time for them to be
forwarded in a B&O train scheduled to departed Decatur for the east
at 11:30am each day. Only three of the cars missed the connection.

Chet French
Dixon, IL

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