Re: Milk/Dairy Ops - Midwest - Long

Brian Termunde

My Mom told me about how if she or her sisters got up early and got to the
milk on a cold morning, the milk delivered would have frozen and the they'd have
fun eating what was really 'iced' cream, so cream would have to be lighter to
float to the top of the milk. The connection to STMFC? My Grandfather worked
for the Rio Grande in Salt Lake and they saw Steam Era Freight Cars all the

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In a message dated 1/20/2005 6:59:23 PM Mountain Standard Time,
CBarkan@... writes:
I don't doubt that the cream may have been carried in separate, smaller,
cream cans, but it is not "heavier" than milk. Consider where the cream in
non-homogenized milk accumulates and you will realize that is less dense than


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