Re: F&C Pennsy GR gon sits too low? Or couplers?

Dean Payne <deanpayne@...>

I figured out what the problem is with my couplers, while I was
working on a few cars with low trip pins today. I noticed the
couplers drooped on the GR gon... and the coupler box looked
tilted! Yep, pulled the coupler box and saw that the end sill was
deeper than the coupler pad. So, I carved off the little bit of end
sill to make it flush with the coupler pad and reassembled, voila!
The tilt of the coupler exacerbated the problem, causing the coupler
to pull down while pushing the other car's coupler up, causing
separation. Lesson learned! I think the Kadee coupler box has too
much play, or is it because I used a McHenry scale sized coupler? I
might try a shim inside the coupler box, if that would help reduce
the vertical play.
I should have started with a better kit! I seem to remember fixing a
similar problem on another kit that I completed while working on this
Dean Payne

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The Keystone Modeller site had some problems, IIRC, and now only
issues #7 and above are online, so I cannot reference TKM #4.
BTW, the issue with the GR gon is #3, not #4. It also has the
Westerfield GRA kit (but of course, the included instructions must be
good enough not to need re-doing...)

Dean Payne

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Dean, you may want to Check the PRRTHS TKM #4, 11-03 where Elden
Gatwood covered modeling these cars in resin, while I couldn't
really tell if he shimed his cars (At least one was the Sunshine
model though) you make be able to with your car in hand.

Brian J carlson

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