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I wouldn't put too much stock in the Chicago bottleneck theory as
far as
The CB&Q had strict shedules to drop eastbound reefers and
livestock at the
IHB interchange at Congress Park. I believe the IHB forwarded the
cars to
the NYC, NKP, etc.. with equal haste... an extra 2-3 days for
produce, meat
(live or hanging) would not be tolerated by either the railroads or
shippers...too much money at stake.

This was also the case with the IC, Charlie. Meat and perishable
cars interchanged to the IHB at Broadview before the 1:30pm cut-off
time was moved to Blue Island and forwarded in the NYC evening
departures from that yard. I believe the IHB also delivered these
cars to the other eastern connections. Often the IC would shove an
entire 50 to 60 car meat train to the IHB, and depart Broadview with
just the caboose.

Chet French
Dixon, IL

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