Re: Station & Reweigh Symbols

Garth Groff <ggg9y@...>


I noticed that the reweigh station list included "CH" and "YC" as symbols for the Sacramento Northern. I don't doubt that Richard Hendrickson is correct about "CH", though I have never seen this on any photos or cars I examined myself. The Chico shops closed in April 1951, with all work shifted to the WP Jeffrey Shops in Sacramento ("SAC" under WP), though reweighing might have continued at Chico for some time. If Richard would care to comment on the source and date of his information, I would be most interested.

As for "YC", Yuba City was the principal SN weigh station both for serviced cars and loaded freight cars until the UP merger at the end of 1982. The majority of SN cars in railfan photos carry a "YC" symbol. When I visited the derelict yards there about two years ago, the dual rails and weigh bridge were still intact, though the scale house had long disappeared. I understand that the UP has asked permission to remove the yard, and track removal may have even been completed by now.

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