Re: F&C Pennsy GR gon sits too low? Or couplers?

benjaminfrank_hom <b.hom@...>

Dean Payne wrote:
"My Kadee #208 (red bag) washers don't quite fit over the...
bushing?...inside the coupler box. There's a #210 "coupler washer",
but that might not be the right thing, either, 5/64" ID is even
smaller than 1/8". I'm not sure what those are used for. Do I ream
the red washer, or cut down the "bushing"? I have enough spare #5
boxes I can experiment, I suppose..."

Don't bother with the washers. Just use a piece of .010 styrene
strip positioned across the bottom of the coupler box about halfway
to support the coupler shank. If you hit it with a black Sharpie,
it'll be invisible.

Ben Hom

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