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Rob Kirkham <rdkirkham@...>

Thanks Ben. I assume that's just a typo in the last line - X29 and X 28 being the same length. I'll look for the MM article.

Rob Kirkham

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Rob Kirkham asked:
"I've reviewed all the photos of the X28a I could find on line, which is
just about none. Thankfully the X28 photos are pretty clear. From these I
understand that when built as X28s (a door and a half car) the panel
immediately to the left of the half door was narrower than the rest. So I
am guessing that when the cars were converted to single door X28a status the
PRR simply added one normal width panel to replace the half door. Is that

No. The panel replacing the half door had to cover a 4 ft wide opening; the
"normal" panel width is approximately 3 ft 6 in.

"Then from the modelling point of view, are the X29 side panels the same
width as most of other X28(a) side panels? If so, are the X28 and the X28a
cars longer than the X29? If so, are the other panels all the same width as
the X29 panels, so that the extra car length is incorporated in that narrow
panel? And finally (you knew this was coming) how wide is the narrow

8 of ten of the X28/X28A side panels are the same width as the X29. The two
"odd" panels are the one that replaced the door (the door itself was 4 ft 4
in) and the one immediately to the left of the door. No drawings for the
X28/X28A exist in the model press; however, drawings of the similar CNJ auto
boxcar appeared in the July 1986 issue of Mainline Modeler and should reveal
the dimensions of the narrow panel. (I can't find my copy at the moment.)
I'm working on an article to accompany future drawings of the Class X28/X28A
cars in Mainline Modeler. There is no difference in length between the X28
and X28/X28A.

Ben Hom

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