Re: Station Symbol Additions


More additions/notes to the ACL RR Station Symbols list:

1) MTG = Montgomery AL

2) WIL = Wimington NC - (not SC)

3) SAV = Savannah GA

4) BHAM = Birmingham AL - (AB&C RR pre-1946/ACL RR post-1946)

5) FITZ = Fitzgerald GA - (AB&C RR pre-1946/ACL RR post-1946)

6) MC or MAN = Manchester GA - (AB&C RR pre-1946/ACL RR post-1946)

7) AUGA = Augusta GA on C&WC. - (AUG on ACL RR after 1959 merger
with C&WC (per Larry Goolsby)).

8) FAY = Fayetteville NC - Based on photos of ACL RR equipment.

Still researching possible Charleston SC station symbol. Larry
Goolsby reports that CHAS was used for Charleston. However, 1930's
photo of ACL boxcar shows CH station symbol. Regardless, based on
photos neither station symbol was widely used on ACL equipment in
late steam era.

Hope this helps.

Buddy Hill

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