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Central Hobby IS abrick and mortar store on Manlius in Syracuse, about1/4 mi from the NYC tracks. They are in the phone book and I believe are in the 3156 area code. I saw a few of the 70 ton hoppers there last week
Bob Steiskal

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I am getting to the point where I think I can start another resin
kit... and I can't find where I saw the Mount Clare Shops B&O
wagontop box cars! I found some at Central Hobby Supply, but they do
not appear to do online ordering, they appear to be a brick-and-
mortar store in New York, I don't know if they even do mail order,
there is no indication. If memory serves me, this is the same kit as
the Mount Clare Shops. One disturbing thing: the "as built" scheme
has no photo, perhaps it is not available!
Allez resine! (Roughly translated, it would mean "go work with
resin!" It's a lame reference to the Iron Chef that my wife is so
fond of. I work on my models when it's on, usually. Sorry for the
OT content)
Or, are there any other sources, or rumors of sources for the B&O
Dean Payne

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