Re: perishables in Chicago

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Well, there's
Barstow... and then Argentine... The point being that AT&SF
used up a day or two in yards along its own route!
If that Trains article is based upon 1950's operations, then that time was
probably spent re-icing the cars at several points along the way, not just
Barstow or Argentine.

Also, For Santa Fe's Corwith yard blocks of reefers were taken directly to
GTW's Eldston yard to be taken East.

Chicago itself would probably absorb a considerable amount of reefer loads
for food consumption in the city & surrounding area, so, not all loads had to be
transferred to roads hauling them beyond Chicago.

Then there's the meat reefer loads originating from Chicago stock yards,
though obviously not in cars that brought produce into the city.

Tom C

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