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Jerry <jrs060@...>

Well Mike your not going to get any help from the "West Coast
Brain Trust" on this one. What your are discribing here is the
IC rebuild of it's USRA composite gondola cars done at Centralia
shops in I believe 1948. They were 2 bay, and because of the
rebuilding, low in stature height, and longer in length than a
normal 2 bay off-set side hopper. It was simply an easy fix of
a hole lot of old worn-out gondola cars. One must remember the
environment this was done in after the war, as thay would say
in RAILWAY AGE magazine, "To build or to rebuild".
I can personal remember many IC coal trains in the mid 1950's,
and out of a 100 car drag to the BRC in Chicago, 10 or so
would always be the rebuilds. They were quit prevalent in the
late 40's, through the late 50's.


Jerry Stewart
Chicago, Ill.

--- In STMFC@..., Mike Aufderheide <mononinmonon@y...>
Looking through some books recently, a few interesting
IC hoppers have stuck out. They have ribbed sides with
a short flat panel above. On one car the upper panel
looked to have stampings at a regular interval. They
look very similar to the rebuilt PRR H22a coke cars (a
la Bowser), that is low hoppers with an extended side.
In an IC book I was looking at they were very
prevailant. The two numbers I was able to see are
77036 and 75373. The hopper bottoms are in shadow in
all cases so I don't know how many bays they are.
Even with the sides extended their height is about a
foot lower than the typical offset-side IC twin
hoppers. Does anyone know about these cars and how to
model them?


Mike Aufderheide

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