Extra B&O I-12 wagontop caboose kit for sale

Garrett W. Rea <Garrett.Rea@...>


I have an extra Pacific Mountain Scale Shops B&O caboose (resin kit)
for sale. It is kit CHK-6 (as-built windows, AB brakes, Bettendorf
trucks) that I bought the retrofit kit for (etched railings and
corrected underframe).

At the same time, I bought the modernized I-12. I found out (per a
phonecall with Dwight Jones) that the earlier cars were all rebuilt
in 1966, so I really did not need this older car.

The kit is unbuilt, I did clear the flash off the floor casting prior
to finding out that the car was to old, but nothing else has been

These build into nice cars. I built an I-12 and kitbashed an I-1A
out of one of their I-1 kits.

A check of Pacific's website shows the "next generation" cars (PMHK06)
available for $40 with the etched railings and $10 for shipping. I
am willing to sell it post paid to any lower 48 US address for $40.

If you are interested, please contact me off list at Garrett.Rea @
att.net (remove the spaces on either side of the @ sign).

I may have more kits this weekend as I clean the train area...

Garrett Rea
Nashville, TN

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