Trains Canada/Herpa Canadian Boxcars (was New Box car)

Benjamin Hom <b.hom@...>

John Force wrote:
"The CN version has a build date of "12-55" and a weigh date of "FM 12-53".
?? It come in two number "11059" and "11065". These dates may not be steam
era for some but for me modeling the GTW anything up to 1960 is ok."

The build and reweigh dates are bogus and the car numbers are incorrect.
The correct CN car series are as follows:

CN 541660-542059, NSC, 400 cars, built 6-56 and 7-56
CN 542060-542759, ECC, 700 cars, built 5-56 through 7-56
CN 543760-544759, NSC, 1000 cars, built 12-56 through 4-57
CN 544760-545759, ECC, 1000 cars, built 12-56 through 3-57

See Stafford Swain's article in the August 1993 issue of Railroad Model
Craftsman for more information.

Ben Hom

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