Re: B&O wagontop kit source

Dean Payne <deanpayne@...>

I was able to find the all-time Sunshine kits list in the files
section (but not in the folder it was supposed to be in.) Is these
kits still in production? That is, "able to be ordered." Or, are
these kits no longer being made? Both the M-53 and M-15K are offered.
However, these kits were first offered prior to 2000, and I wonder if
the bodies are one piece. This seems like one car that would be hard
to make out of a flat kit, due to the rounded sides/top.
Dean Payne

--- In STMFC@..., "Benjamin Hom" <b.hom@w...> wrote:
Shawn Beckert wrote:
"Wasn't the conclusion reached some time back that the
Central Hobby kits were wrong in one or more of the
major dimensions like height and/or width? I seem to
recall that we were warned off of these kits because
there was some kind of serious flaw."

Well, you could have searched the archive to find the post as I
just did...

According to Paul Lyons in post 30867 dated 31 May 2004,

"The West Shore Line kit is about 6 inches too short and some
dimension too narrow. Set both [Sunshine and West Shore Line] models
side by side and it is very strange that they are supposed to
represent the same prototype."

Ben Hom

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