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How could a car be weighed two years before it was built? It
seems to me that in general, the steam era ended when your
principal railroad ended steam.
Gene Moser
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Date: 2005/01/22 Sat AM 10:49:09 EST
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The CN version has a build date of "12-55" and a weigh date of
"FM 12-53". ?? It come in two number "11059" and "11065".
These dates may not be steam era for some but for me modeling
the GTW anything up to 1960 is ok.
John Force
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Subject: [STMFC] New Box car

Hi Everyone,

Just got in a new boxcar kit from a new supplier into the shop.
The 40'
box with 8' door and riveted side is a model of National Steel
Car from
Canada. The model has "NSC-3 ends and NSC roof and roof
walk". it is
produced by Trains Canada of Calgary, Alberta, and in this
country seems to
be sold through Herpa.

The PGE lettered car has a build date of 1/58. the hand holds
on the right
side and end are molded on, but the 8 rung ladder seems to be
a separate
part. The Bettendorf style trucks seem to have been converted
to roller
bearings and the journal dust covers are missing. The model
has a KD
compatible coupler.

The model also comes in several later PGE/BCR, CN and CP

Anyone seen the model and can comment on its accuracy?


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