Re: Station Symbol Additions

Aidrian Bridgeman-Sutton <smokeandsteam@...>

Also add to the old AB&C listings "WW" for Westwood shops, Fitzgerald, Ga,
though I don’t know how long this would have survived after the 1946 ACL


More additions/notes to the ACL RR Station Symbols list:
1) MTG = Montgomery AL

2) WIL = Wimington NC - (not SC)

3) SAV = Savannah GA

4) BHAM = Birmingham AL - (AB&C RR pre-1946/ACL RR post-1946)

5) FITZ = Fitzgerald GA - (AB&C RR pre-1946/ACL RR post-1946)

6) MC or MAN = Manchester GA - (AB&C RR pre-1946/ACL RR post-1946)

7) AUGA = Augusta GA on C&WC. - (AUG on ACL RR after 1959 merger
with C&WC (per Larry Goolsby)).

8) FAY = Fayetteville NC - Based on photos of ACL RR equipment<<

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