Re: Freight Tariffs

Schuyler Larrabee

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From: Tim O'Connor Re: Freight Tariffs

For example, a railroad from A-B might have
the best route, but any other competitor serving A and B also
could offer the same rate, even if that meant going A-C-D-B.
So routings were often seemingly bizarre, involving hundreds
of extra miles (if not thousands).
A good friend of mine was a salesman for the ERIE in, among other places,
Dallas, Texas. He was quite successful. One of his customers liked him, and
the service he got at the other end, so his shipments were routed from Texas to
Chicago, to suburban NYC in NJ, so as to "reward" the ERIE with a substantial
portion of the road haul, which otherwise would only have been something like 20
miles if done on "logical" routings.


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