1949 2 Bay Covered Hopper


I have been eyeing this hopper setting in Walla Walla for some time
and finally took some pictures. Being new to this group and not being
well versed in researching freight cars I need some help identifing
it. It was a covered but the roof has been cut off. What foils me is
that the unloading is of the type used on ballast hoppers. To me
that just doesnt fit with unloading a load to be kept dry. Could
these unloading devices been change to reflect the MOW function or
were they built this way? Do freight cars have some identifing tag,
if so where? Being the first time to try to post pictures, I would
be happy for some help. I have 40 plus pictures so more could be
posted if these are not sufficient. Steve Fuchs, College Place, WA

I did post these but do not know how to attach the address in
the "Post" But they are 1949 Cov. ; 1949 2 B and P1010017 Give me
some time, I'll figure this out, ha ha

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