Re: Library of Congress ORER Holdings


The LOC ORER collection is incomplete and 1948 sounds about right for their
collection. A virtually complete collection was in the ICC library.
Unfortunately, their entire collection (which includes other materials dating back to
the 1830s) sits outside in a container somewhere near Denver. No telling what
condition it will be in if and when the U of Denver ever decides to actually
add it to their library which was the agreement by which they received the
collection in the first place. I recall others in the past saying there were
pretty good holdings of ORERs in the New York Public library (on-line catalogue I
think) and a few other libraries and museums around the country. Since you
are in Oregon, perhaps someone can chime in regarding left coast locations (Cal.
Rwy Museum?).


In a message dated 1/22/05 8:54:39 PM, richtownsend@... writes:

<< Last time I was at the Library of Congress I was looking for early ORERs.
The catalog said they only went back to 1948. Was it know by some other
name, or is the LOC holding incomplete?


Richard Townsend

Lincoln City, Oregon>>

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