Re: Library of Congress ORER Holdings

Jeff English

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I recall others in the past saying there were
pretty good holdings of ORERs in the New York Public library (on-
line catalogue I

Last I knew the NYPL holdings were <not> catalogued on-line, other
than a single reference to the fact that they have an ORER

The NYPL's ORER collection is all on microfilm, and of the select
issues I have viewed, the reproduction leaves a lot to be desired.
At least 1% of the data is lost.

The first ORER was c.1885 (it had a somewhat different name then),
but those early editions did not have any where near the amount of
dimensional data found by the early 20th century. NYPL is missing a
couple of dozen early issues, but their collection does have a large
number of 19th century editions. It was published monthly in those

Jeff English
Troy, New York

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