Re: Sunshine Models Trip to California

Thomas M. Olsen <tmolsen@...>

Good morning all,

I spoke with Martin on Friday to find out if he was going to be in Maryland for the Timonium Scale Train Meet the first weekend in February and he advised that it looked like he was not going to make it due to ongoing business. He said that he and Tricia had leased a small building on the industrial side of Springfield and were in the process of getting ready to move the business to that location as soon as he could get it ready.

For many years, Tricia has been wanting to get the business out of the house as it had expanded to the point that almost all the available space was given over to storage of equipment, masters, molds, etc. In addition to this, there was always the possibility of getting as hassle from the city, if they found that they were running a commercial business from their home in a residential area. So finally they will be operating from an area that was devoted entirely to the business and having a house that was uncluttered.

I had asked Martin if he was planning to go to California for the late winter shows that he always does and he indicated that he has intentions to do so, but my guess is that his trip west will hinge on how successful the move goes and how it will affect the present order backlogs.

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