Hello all,

After realizing that there is no more open space under the layout, in the crawl space, or in my workshop I need to make some room. Therefore I have compiled a list of items that are willing and able to go to good homes. (I tried to get this done several months ago and simply ran out of time -- this time I got the list done first!)

This list includes resin and plastic car kits, locomotives, structure kits, books, and detail parts. All HO scale. I do have some N scale items that I will be offering on the n-scale yahoo list some time in the future.

PLEASE reply to my HOME E-MAIL address -- cv_sne@... -- if you are interested in receiving a copy of the list. And leave the "ITEMS FOR SALE" subject line in your reply.

Do not reply to the list, or to my InterMountain (work address).

I will gather up the names of all interested and send the list to all sometime Monday evening (approx 6 pm Mountain Time).

Thanks, and sorry for the wasted bandwidth.


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