History of ORER

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The very first issue of the equipment guide was June, 1885, and was titled Sechrist's Hand-Book and Railway Equipment and Mileage Guide, within in few years the title was shortened to the Offical Railway Equipment Guide, (O. R. E. G.)and later, not sure of the date it was changed to the Official Railway Equipment Register, (O. R. E. R.)
So you have another couple of names to Google
From a few tidbits I read years ago in the Railroad Gazette, IIRC, there was talk about the necessity of such a book and there was at least one competitor, who did publish something, but the Railroad Gazette had seen had seen some samples of what Mr. Sechrist was attempting to do, and threw their weight behind his project.
The collection at the CRSM begins circa 1915-1920 and continues on from there.
For those who might need pre turn of the century rosters contact me off line, as I have a large collection of photo copies beginning with Vol. 1 #1
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