Re: Freight Tariffs

Tim O'Connor

Tony Thompson wrote

Most tariffs (except for tank cars) were by weight, not volume.
I haven't seen a railroad tarriff, but I saw a trucking LTL sheet
for paints -- and every single type of possible container had a
price related to it -- 5 gallon cans, 1 gallon cans, cartons of
bottles, etc. I suppose when they write the tarriff they take
into account the weight per cubic foot of the item?

And someone else wrote... []

I'm still wondering about that statement that one can substitute
2 cars for 1? How about, 10 for 7? I am course wondering what the
big deal was about increasing car capacity from 50 to 70 to 100
tons each. Why would shippers have cared? I think it is because
they get a rate specific to each type of car, and bigger cars got
lower rates.

Tim O.

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