Re: Library of Congress ORER Holdings

Ian Cranstone

On 23-Jan-05, at 8:51 AM, englishintroy wrote:

Last I knew the NYPL holdings were <not> catalogued on-line, other
than a single reference to the fact that they have an ORER
They've obviously updated things, as I was able to find reference to the ORERs (I think their web-based search engine is called CAT-NYP). They're held at their Science & Business branch in Manhattan.

The NYPL's ORER collection is all on microfilm, and of the select
issues I have viewed, the reproduction leaves a lot to be desired.
At least 1% of the data is lost.
Issues up through 1960 are on microfilm -- more recent issues are still extant. I spent some time this past September looking through 1924-1957 issues on microfilm, and came back with a small ream of paper. There will have to be a return trip sometime to finish my work on CN entries from 1918 through 1923. I had hoped to look at some issues post 1960 as well, but just ran out of time.

The microfilm that I saw seemed to be of good quality, but I couldn't say the same thing about the microfilm readers & printers. Some were highly temperamental, and not all worked. Worse, the library staff didn't seem all that knowledgeable about the equipment -- although in fairness I should note that the people at the circulation desk were quite helpful, and their advance reservation service allowed me to reserve a lot more material than they are apparently supposed to.

Ian Cranstone
Osgoode, Ontario, Canada

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