Re: Rail Classics and Ted Reimel (Ted's Enginehouse)

Thomas M. Olsen <tmolsen@...>

Ted, Tim and List,

Yes, it is true, Rail Classics has folded the tent. Eddie's father has recently passed away and other pressures have caused him to make the decision to close the business. He is in the process of selling the balance of his inventory, which is at present, quite low. All projects, including the PRR Business Cars, Gondolas, P5 Electric projects and the PRR Passenger head end and coaches that he picked up with the close of Rail Works have been shut down.

I am not suprised, considering the fact that the brass market is down at present. One look at some of the ads in MR and other magazines for some of the more prominent brass dealers show them carrying large inventories that are going nowhere.

Unfortunately, Rail Classics was probably the most exacting importers in the field. Eddie would not allow his manufacturer to begin production on any model until he received and approved the pilot model. This was not the case with other importers who used Samhongsa, who had the habit of going into production, almost on the same day that he shipped the pilot model and by the time that the importer attempted to correct the short comings, it was too late!

Hopefully, we may be able to convince Martin Lofton to bring out the G31 in urethane. I understand that Crown Custom Imports, who was supposed to bring out the PRR H33 Covered Hopper has now delayed this model indefinitely. Again, not surprising, considering the large unsold inventory that he is now sitting on. The owner is the son of the person who retired and closed his business, Railworks.

For those of you, who in the past had bought models from Ted Reimel (Ted's Enginehouse) of Pennsauken, NJ., who closed his business and retired two years ago: Ted passed away on January 15th. He had been in ill health, having had a stroke last fall which resulted in his having gone into a nursing home.

Tom Olsen
Newark, Delaware, 19711-7479

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