PRR Class X29B Kitbash (was Re: CP minibox kitbash)

buchwaldfam <duff@...>

If the MS1 scheme is the one which is shown in the second of your
X29 articles, then maybe I've found something. In that Milwaukee
Road book by Jim Scribbins, on page 113, there is an infuriating
It is a down-on high angle shot, so you can't see the car number
(that's the infuriating part!), however it shows an "original" X29
(11 panel riveted roof, wood running boards) with a wide white
stripe and a big white circle to the right of the door with a
keystone in it.
Were the original style X29s painted in a different, but similar
scheme, or could this be the MS1 scheme?

Phil Buchwald

FWIW, the Class X29B is the only confirmed legit 40 ft PRR boxcar
for the MS1 "Merchandise Service" scheme. (Still looking for
of the two Class X26C cars in LCL service to confirm whether or
they got the MS1 scheme).

Ben Hom

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