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The reason that I asked.............

I built three of these kits back about 1985 adding lots of detail
goodies and doing different side sill and door variations. They still
look pretty good except for being "wide bodies." I'm wondering if it
would be worth it (and possible) to pry them apart, narrow the side
pieces and replace the ends. I've always through I'd just have to sell
them off and liked them too much to do so.

I think I would give the upgrade angle a try.

Mont Switzer

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Do you know if there is any chance of an upgrade
kit for those with the old

Mont Switzer

I've not heard Merle mention releasing a seperate
upgrade kit for the older versions. One of the big
features of this new release is the narrowing of the
body to a scale or near scale width. I'll check with
him and see if it's something that he's considering.
If he does, it most likely would be more of a special
order for parts as opposed to a catologed item.

Jason Cook
Fort Wayne, IN

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