Drawings for SP Facilities - San Jose - Bayshore - West Oakland



I am in the process of creating AutoCad drawings for three SP facilities: the Lenzen Roundhouse in San Jose, the Bayshore Roundhouse in Brisbane, and the "Streamliner" running shop in West Oakland. I have excellent field dimensions and photos of the West Oakland building (including wheel drop pit). I have good field dimensions and photos of the two roundhouses.

In order to make the drawings as complete as possible, I would like to obtain any "as-built" drawings of these facilities. I have the capability to copy old blueprints and drawings without damaging them. I would of course reimburse the provider of any drawings for any appropriate shipping and handling costs. I would promptly return the documents in the same condition as received.

I intend to make the electronic files of the drawings available to anyone interested. What is great about the electronic files is that the facilities can be plotted in any scale for modelling purposes. My primary focus will be HO (3.5mm = 1 ft) and the lettering will set up for that scale, but plotting for other scales will be easy accomplished.

My field dimensions are fairly complete, but I obviously have no subsurface information. That is where the "as-built" drawings would be particularly helpful. I intend to create the following drawings for each facility, at a minimum:

Floor Plan
Foundation Plan
Roof Plan
Roof Framing Plan
Building Sections
Typical Sections and Details

This effort is a work in progress, and will take several months. I have started on the Lenzen Roundhouse. I have the excellent series of SP drawings by Bruce Petty. In lieu of any additional drawings, the drawings of the Hazen, Nevada roundhouse (Volume 5) are very similar to the Lenzen facilities, and I will use them to attempt to create foundation drawings, etc. If possible, I would also like to create a piping drawing showing utilities such as steam, water, sewer, etc.

Any help in this endeavor would be greatly appreciated.

Paul LaCiura
San Francisco, CA

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