Re: Freight Tariffs

Jerry <jrs060@...>

--- In STMFC@..., Randy Williamson <pennsy@d...> wrote:
I have a AC&Y westbound routing guide from the 1960's. Most of the
shown include an interchange with the N&W at one end to an
interchange with
the N&W at the other end. Can the savings be that large compared
with the
switching charges at both ends?


Randy, AC&Y was taking a "line haul" on this from one end of
the railraod to the other, with no switching charges at either
end. The Mid-States Route Guide was wide open in Ohio and
Indiana for this. This is how AC&Y was making "overhead
money" as a bridge line, they got a portion of the line haul
rate, much more moneys than a switching charge.


Jerry Stewart
Chicago, Ill.

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