Re: Perishables in Chicago

Jerry <jrs060@...>

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" Omigawd! And here our friend Richard has been brainwashing
that Uncle John was ALWAYS a fast freight road!! Will wonders never

Tony, before a lot of people dump on me about a favorite
railroad of theirs in the Chicago area having a hot freight
schedule from this very important city, it should be said that
almost every railroad here did something to offer good service
to there customer base.
Examples are easy to find, Erie offering a dedicated
perishable train to the N.Y. and N.J. market, and AT&SF
offering some kind of overnight merchandise service to Kansas
City. And why not thay had the best route to it.
But make NO mistake about it, AT&SF was not the fast
freight likes of NKP, IC, and GTW in the steam era.


Jerry Stewart
Chicago, Ill.

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