Re: Grand Trunk 22550

Ian Cranstone

On 26-Jan-05, at 10:33 AM, Richard Wilkens wrote:

Trying to find some information on Grand Trunk 22550. I'm going to
make an assumption that this was a wooden boxcar. Sometime prior to
1926 the car was presumed wrecked on the Northern Pacific and in
September 1926 the NP Brainerd, MN shops used the steel underframe
and trucks to construct Scale Test Tool Car #41 on AFE 5074-26.

Can someone verify what Grand Trunk 22550 was and when it was built
and by whom. Also if a car diagram of this class of car is available
that would be helpful also.
GTR 22550 was built by Canadian Car & Foundry in 8/1912, and had been assigned number CN 342750 with the acquisition of the GTR by Canadian National in 1923. Obviously this particular car was never renumbered.

I believe this car was a Fowler boxcar (constructed in large numbers for Canadian railways from 1911-1923), and therefore was actually a single-sheathed steel frame boxcar (my photo database is on a computer currently at the shop). Being an early car it probably had a wooden roof.

Ian Cranstone
Osgoode, Ontario, Canada

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